Cisco router throughput and performance matrix

This article will assist with properly sizing Cisco routers based on needed PPS and/or throughput.

wdt_IDChassis/PlatformThroughput RangeModel-specific information
11400 Series xDSL routers2 Mbps
21600 Series routers2 Mbps
31700 Series routers3-8 Mbps
4ISR 1800 Series routers35-74 Mbps
5ISR G2 1941 Series routers153 Mbps
6ISR 800 Series routers12-51 Mbps
7800 Series routers0.5-3 Mbps
8830 Series routers4 Mbps
152500 Series routers2 Mbps
162600 Series routers7-20 Mbps

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